Amazon and Other Tech Giants Continue Layoffs


Amazon workers and others near The Spheres on the company’s Seattle headquarters campus last fall. (GeekWire Photo / Kurt Schlosser)

Joseph Sim, Forum Writer

Out of many influential companies in the world Amazon is basically at the top of the list, providing millions of jobs across the United States and the world. They provide opportunities to many people who wouldn’t have been given opportunities by other companies. Recent lashes at the company from ex-employees have led to multiple lawsuits and significant losses from the company. 

Other such events also occurred with Amazon being cited by the OSHA for failing to keep warehouse workers safe. Workers with the OSHA found amazon workers to be at a higher risk for lower back injuries. 

“Injury examples include a foot fracture from a 55-pound package and a “crushing/smashing” face injury from 61 pounds of furniture” (Max Garland) 

The workers that sustained those injuries received minimal compensation, and minimal healthcare. Some employees who sustained injuries were unable to pay their medical bills resulting in debt and some were fired from their jobs. 

ComiXology, another Amazon child, recently let go of over 18,000 amazon workers worldwide, these “role reductions” will be applied in multiple industries. Affected employees are set to be notified over the course of the coming weeks. 

“at least 50% of the staff have been let go. Possibly 75%”, “Many employees at the company cannot speak openly about what is happening due to clauses in their contracts.” (Jackson Luken) 

With the rapidly changing landscape of commercial employment and the use of robots in warehouses and development, humans are less of a need for every small job. Leading to a mass amount of layoffs essentially dropping dead weight that didn’t serve as much of a purpose nor a benefit to Amazon. 

Amazon’s drone delivery service did not escape without a scratch either, hit with layoffs as the project finally launched. Staff in Seattle, Washington and Pendleton, Oregon were also cut, which is the headquarters and one of the main offices of the large company. Amazon declined to comment on the exact number of employees let go but analysis shows it would be largely over 18,000 workers.