Yeat’s “AfterLyfe” Album Review

Joseph Sim, Writer

On February 24, artist Yeat released his new album called Afterlyfe”. The album was heavily anticipated as the biggest album of the year with feature artist Youngboy Never Broke Again. Overall, Yeats new album wasn’t his best work however it contained a few hidden gems such 

as “Mysëlf” that showed yeat exploring some newer and different styles. He also of course mixed in his signature sounds with “No morë talk” this allowed for a largely balanced album. However the excess number of songs allowed for a wider reach and audience for the album but many fans were confused by the different sound profiles within the one album causing the album to come across as bogged down by these “worthless” tracks. which allowed for a balanced album however the excess amount of songs limited the albums success factors making it seem too bogged down by the irrelevant songs which dropped the overall approval the album could receive. Compared to other albums released by similar artists contained significantly more tracks than almost any other album. This is Yeats 8th Official Album he has released around 2 or 3 albums per year in the last 2-3 years bringing up his Album count to 8. 

When asking Brandon Kim a fan of yeat what he thought about the album he responded with “Its literally the album of the year”, this shows the dedication and backing Yeat has in the space where many of his fans dont care what type of style Yeat is using to make his music they will still back it. 

However on the contrary there are many people who discredit Yeats work, by calling it repetitive and dull. Many fans also commented that the album sounded like many previous tracks relating some of the tracks back to previous tracks such as “talk” or “flawless” which had a very similar beat and instrumental to some tracks in the album. 

These beats and instrumentals cannot be considered bad be repeating because Yeat’s overall style which he has nurtured over his last releases all revolve around the same instrumental sections with a change of tune or key. Newer fans however seem to reject this repetition while older fans already understand the overall concept of the songs which will be in his of which contain many of the same generic base for his songs. 

The album however is very well versed for new listeners to Yeat showing different sides to his

music with the common traditional style for Yeat songs but also showing a little depth into other styles that arent commonly seen from artists like Yeat. 

Yeat was born in Irvine, California but then moved to Portland, Oregon after Graduation Yeat moved to New York to pursue his music where he has grown his dedicated fan base to the point where almost every event is packed with an upcoming concert in Washington state many local students are excited to attend even though they might not be fans including University of Washington student Emily Nguyen who said “im not really a fan but it seems like a chance to have fun”. This is a very strong point of capitalization for Yeat where many people associate him with ecstatic fun because of his songs where almost all are very upbeat and fast, a seemingly uncontrollable joyride.