Hip-Hop Community Morns Loss of Fashion Icon

Hip-Hop Community Morns Loss of Fashion Icon

Max Hayek, Forum Writer

Virgil Abloh, a very impactful death in the Fashion and Hip-Hop community. The Creator of the Off-White brand and head of Louis Vuitton has died at the age of 41, after a two year battle with cancer. The death was confirmed by Abloh’s official Instagram account. 

“My plan is to touch the sky 1000 more times for you… love you eternally brother. Thank you for everything.” said Drake, a Canadian Hip Hop Artist. Many celebrities like Drake have mourned the death of the beloved fashion designer with tributes and memories shared through social media. 

The fight with cancer finally concluded on Sunday the 28th. Virgil battled a rare form of cancer, cardiac angiosarcoma. This was a private battle that Virgil had and was diagnosed with in 2019. 

Virgil’s impact on the fashion world was tremendous and even going past clothes to music. The name “Virgil” was passed around song lyrics many times especially in the Hip-Hop genre.

Virgil was also huge into being a DJ and was a collaborator with long time rapper, Kanye West. As Kanye’s Creative Designer, created the rapper’s most famous album covers to date. 

The Off-White brand, Virgil founded was an extremely popular and sought after clothing brand with being so expensive in price. The clothes go over hundreds and thousands of dollars. Some may assume that the price for these items will go up tremendously due to his passing. 

“He was such a prominent figure in fashion, I think there will be an inflammation of products and I don’t think they will release his older works,” said Ray, a fan of Virgil.  The products have soared in demand. The Sneaker Marketplace has since risen extremely with the term “Off White”, which was the most searched term on sneaker websites following Abloh’s death.

With the death increasing searches and trends, it has drawn criticism the last couple weeks over the reselling of Abloh’s wo

rk while benefiting from an unfortunate tragedy. “I hope they are not profiting off his death, it would not be a great look”, Ray explains. “This would bring bad exposure to a tragic death”.

“I think they shouldn’t benefit from Virgil’s death, they should donate it away for Cancer research,” said Ray. This is a statement most fans of the late designer think should be done with the total overall earnings in the future from the work.

The uncertainty of the future of Louis Vuittion is in question, rumors’ have been made of who will become the head of the company. Kanye West has made headlines as the next up and coming candidate to take over. With being the President of Yeezy, Kanye has experience heading a company and moving them forward in an optimistic direction.  

Kanye and Virgil were very close friends and collaborated on many projects in the past such as shoes, covers and clothing. Both of the two men shared a similar vision on projects in the past, making Kanye the top of the list just makes the most sense.