Student Store Takes Initiative to Combat New Vending Machine


Deena Qannan, Forum Writer

Located in the lower commons, Skyline’s own student store is up and running and ready for students during both lunches. The store has been selling treats since Skyline first opened in 1997, and has had to adapt through the years to stay relevant in Skyline.

In past years, the student store was run by Stan Debeic, a sales and marketing teacher at Skyline. But due to schedule constraints, Stephania Gullikson has stepped up and has been overseeing all the store’s daily for over a decade; she explained in an interview how the store is doing.  

“It’s a busy business with a lot of inventory and a lot of products going out,” says Gullikson.

The most challenging thing about managing the student store is making sure all foods are within guidelines and are following national nutritional rules that all schools must abide by.  Due to the Hunger-Free Kids act, which requires schools to serve fruits, vegetables and whole grain options, the store is limited in what snacks it can sell.   

“We used to sell 100 thousand dollars worth of food before the healthy foods’ initiative,” says Gullikson, “then we really declined because we’re limited nutritionally to what we can sell.”

Before 2010, when the Hunger-Free Kids act was passed, Skyline sold a larger variety of snacks.

“We used to be able to sell pizza, candy, gum, ice cream,” says Gullikson. “I’m [currently] looking for a frozen yogurt product that will work [and comply with nutritional rules].”

This school year has brought many new changes to Skyline, like the newly set up vending machines, also located in the commons.   

To combat potential profit going to the vending machines, Gullikson said they turn the vending machines off during both lunches, so they don’t compete with the store. 

The student store has also been advertising the treats they sell and their prices on the store’s Instagram and on TVs located throughout Skyline to keep students informed.

There are a variety of snacks for students to choose from, ranging from taquitos, chips, and drinks; and even sweet options like cookies and slushies with new flavors depending on the week. Students will find specialty foods from local restaurants like Yoko Teriyaki at the store. The most popular treats are the slushies, says Gullikson. But the chips aren’t selling as much.

The store has also started doing Taco Tuesdays in addition to the specialty foods being sold on Fridays, like Yoko Teriyaki. Students should look out for Jersey Mike’s Subs coming soon to the student store as well.

There has been an upturn in students signing up to work at the student store. It’s an engaging class that’s different from any other CTE class offered at Skyline. 

“If you’re a Deca member, the store is a great place to enroll in,” says Gullikson. 

If you’re interested in a hands-on retail experience, getting involved with the store is perfect for 10-12th graders.

For more information on what’s going on at the student store, check out their Instagram.