Snow Doesn’t Slow Down the Annual Holiday Bazaar


Aleise Robertson, Social Media Manager

The holiday Bazaar is a yearly occurrence during the holiday season that is hosted by the Skyline booster club. The Bazaar helps to fund many activities for Skyline students such as sports or clubs that booster club helps pay for. 

The holiday Bazaar was held at Skyline High School on December 3 from 9 am to 3 pm this year and there were many signs up and down the road advertising it for weeks.  The Bazaar consisted of dozens of small business joined together in the lower and upper commons in an indoor farmers market style set up. This differed from the usual set up that had previously been in the Spartan gym.

When entering the Bazaar there was a large table for raffle tickets and then many booths hoping to sell their products. A very strong smell of the many scented products filled the school and varied holiday music greeted the shoppers giving the school a very different experience from during a school day.

One of the main hooks to get people to come to the bazaar was the variety of products that were present and the opportunity to buy meaningful presents for loved ones during the holiday season. The Skyline booster club website gave a good description of the event on their information page,

“Join us for some festive holiday shopping. Visit with local artisans and crafters, sample great food, & delight in the many handcrafted items. Glass art, photography, jewelry, soap, purses, candles, Holiday decorations, quilts, scarves, wraps, wood items and much more.”

Some of the set ups that immediately catch the eye were the class council bake sale next to the student store that had many different assorted desserts and the Skyline clothes and gear stand that was set up on the stage.

The Skyline booster club worked with grades 9 through 12 class council to get volunteers for the bake sale and although the money mainly went to booster club to fund their activities, they made a large donation that was split between the four grades to fund class activities. 

Although the bake sale was successful its neighboring booth was a fan favorite.

The student store itself was also open and selling hot chocolate and hot apple cider. The hot drinks and cozy items were very popular which was likely a result of the freezing temperature of the day.

The Bazaar had a relatively small turnout this year likely due to the snow that had canceled school just two days before. The parking lot and roads were still slick from the freezing temperatures which limited the amount of people able and willing to attend the Bazaar. 

Although the snow presented a challenge, booster club and the chairmen who organized the Bazaar were able to over come it. Kathleen Makin who was one of the chairmen helping organize booster club said,

“because it snowed again Friday night we were really lucky to have student volunteers as well as our custodians, and they went out with salt and shovels and got everything cleaned up to make it easier for everyone to come in.”

The snow may have made it more difficult to attend the Bazaar, but overall it was a very successful and profitable event. The attendees of the event almost always left smiling with their purchases.