Spartans Girls Soccer Ready for Redemption


Jungwoo Ryu, Forum Writer

Tensions are higher than ever, as the Skyline Girls Varsity Soccer team has a message to send this year. The team seeking to be in top form, the team and the fans are expecting the most out of the players in their road to a state championship.   

After coming just short of a state title last year coming in at fourth place, the Lady Spartans have more than enough to silence all the haters this year. Currently being number one in the state and having one of the most successful soccer programs, this year has more adrenalin than ever. In having so many successful seniors in the program this year, the players are hoping to lift a trophy to close out their high school career. 

A state championship would mean everything to us. To me, it’s not just a shiny ring or a big trophy. It’s knowing that we represented our school in the best way possible and doing what we loved the most” says senior captain Mads Loucks. 

The Spartans are undefeated and are expecting to be undefeated through the remainder of the year. As there is so much relying on this year, players have to rely on one another to ensure they will succeed as a team. Not only do players need to rely on another, but each player needs to push themselves to the maximum.

Our team feeds off of each other’s energy,” says captain Liv Rohleder. 

Seniors need to be the best role model they can be alongside Coach Braman and Coach Gunning to mentor players when needed. Players must hold each other accountable and must know what their roles are before the game and during the game. 

“At this point in the year, all the players are mature enough to understand their role on the team. It’s a matter of how players can dictate their mindset every game at a time. Whether it’s a weaker team or a stronger team, the players must have the same mindset going into every game, says Head Coach Don Braman.

Coach Braman expects nothing but the best day in and day out and by having one of the strongest attacking teams in the state, Coach Braman expects their attack to continue to outscore teams like they have all year. In having a D1 Cal Poly commit in Ali Evans and having a dynamic duo in Ashley Roni and Sophie Zhang, Coach Braman “expects the most out of the attack.” 

“Those three players have had a combined goal count of having around almost 80 percent of our team’s goals so far and I expect them to not stop scoring” says head Coach Don Braman. 

“I have seen nothing like those three” says fan and supporter Mrs. Evans. The front three have scored so many goals to where the game is basically finished before the second half has already started. They are dominant but still get help in every way possible.

Even though goals are important, every aspect of the field has an impact and the midfield has dominated all year. From winning headers, dictating the flow of the game and feeding the front three, the midfield has set the tone to every game in their progressions of moving the ball to an open space and helping their defense from danger. 

“Liv Rohleder controls the midfield with her IQ and intelligent leadership skills. Mie has that technical ability to play our skilled and fast forwards through allowing them to finish easy chances. Our midfield is experienced, good players but most importantly are just humble well-mentored players” says Coach Braman.

Like everyone knows midfield controls the game but defense wins championships. Coach Braman has stated how he has seen differences this year and how certain players’ eyes are shining brighter th

an ever. His biggest surprise has been in junior defender Brooklyn Crandall. “She has been a vital leader in our young defense. She uses her strength so well to play the ball out against high pressing teams. This year’s teams being so highly orientated in pressing, Brooklyn is a key component of winning 1v1 headers and swinging the ball upfield.” 

The stats don’t lie when the Lady Spartans have almost outscored every team by an average ratio of 4 to 1. Defense is doing well and the offense is scoring goals but when considering having players all around the pitch having different leadership roles, nothing is more important than the goalkeeper. For her first year at Skyline in Ashley Siegel, Coach Braman stated that “she has been a surprise to everyone.” 

“No one expected her to fit in so perfectly and lead the team the way she does. She has performed day in and day out and works the hardest in practice” says Captain Mads Loucks.

The team has been strong all year and their grit and determination has allowed the Lady Spartans to finish first in KingCO. However, it is now just beginning and as they are getting talked about more and more, they must maintain their level of efficiency to the very end. Strengths can turn into weaknesses and it is a matter of quickly fixing those mistakes into something than benefits the team. 

“At the end of the day, we all have one final goal but it is taking it one game at a time. We will have easy games and we will have hard games but no matter what the mindset is the same for every game” says captain Liv Rohleder.

All the games lead to a final result which is for players to go to Sparks Stadium and win their two final games of the year. “Sparks Stadium has an intensity and adrenaline that you can never experience” says Captain Mads Loucks.

All players are hoping to continue their streak of games and end their final games of the season in Sparks Stadium. As the season starts to wind down, players are starting to feel the pressure and how the strongest will survive and the weaker will fall. 

“Regardless of the team we play, the grit and passion we have shown so far this year, I have all my faith in the team and would want nothing more than the seniors to lift their first state championship” says Coach Savannah Gunning and Coach Don Braman.

The Lady Spartans know every component they need to win every aspect of the field. After coming short last year, the Spartans have more than enough momentum and determination to lift a trophy this year. With Senior Mads Loucks sitting out most of the year in an ACL tear, she has seen everything from the sideline and has seen promising signs that this year will be the year they win a state championship. 

“Sitting on the sideline has allowed me to see certain players excel more than ever and I think it shows that they want it more than anyone else,” says Mads Loucks. This year is different from the last and players are more excited than ever to fight for a state championship.

The Lady Spartans are hoping for a promising ending, nothing more than lifting a trophy in honor of marking past accomplishments and another milestone in the school’s history. The Spartans are undefeated so far this season and are hoping to end the year undefeated and lift a trophy at the one and only Sparks Stadium. This year is a year to prove for the Lady Spartans and it is all about what team gives it their all in their fight for a Washington State Championship.  

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